Are there any preferred genres? 

No. TimeSinkdoes not believe in limiting the selections to certain genres that may be dictated by the marketplace. While we respect the history, traditions, and formal qualities of genre and affirm that it serves as a useful framework from which to create or experience a work, we also believe that the lines of distinction begin to blur once we treat the successful work as a whole. The effect becomes something that eludes one-dimensional labels - something that transcends genre and connects with us in ways that are perhaps ineffable. We simply choose to recognize creators who understand motion-picture making as an art form rather than as a business or as a form of dramatized self-promotion.

What about documentaries, narratives, or experimental works?

As one might have guessed, TimeSink does not discriminate between such forms when distinguishing creative and artistic merit.

Are there any limitations on a work's duration?

No. Since TimeSink Presents is a continuous live-stream via the internet (with the exception of pop-up cinema events) the programming is not bound by any physical space nor blocks of time -as one might encounter at film festivals. However, this does not mean to say that we will accept a 5 hour film. The duration must fit the work. The general guideline for our curation is that if it's good, it's good and if it fits, it fits, regardless of the duration.


Why should I submit my work to TimeSink?

Quality of curation is essential to growth.

How your work is presented determines its success...

TimeSink is dedicated to presenting exceptional films

that may otherwise get lost into the abyss of the decentralized web


Have your work shown

alongside other great work


Gain more recognition and cultivate a larger audience


Contribute to developing

a healthy & vibrant culture


Earn rewards such as financing towards your next project or new equipment


Submit your work for a chance to be featured on TimeSink Presents 

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" is not sufficient to compare the great directors of the cinema with painters, architects or even musicians.
They must also be compared with thinkers."
Gilles Deleuze, Preface to the english edition of Cinema I


Beyond the size of production budgets and any associations with established film industries, TimeSink is interested in creators who are able to recognize and find expression in the profound. The profound is often discovered where one least expects it, and the greatest creators are always the ones who are able to understand this. Moreover, this platform rewards creators who are undaunted by any financial or capital constraints, social and/or political conformity of the times, and whose work contributes towards a more productive affirmation of the varieties of human thought and experience. More simply, we choose to recognize creators whose will to create exceptional work far exceeds any limitations imposed upon them.

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