Why should I submit my work to TimeSink?

Quality of curation is essential to growth.

How your work is presented determines its reception...

TimeSink is dedicated to presenting exceptional films

that may otherwise get lost into the abyss of the decentralized web


Have your work shown

alongside other great work


Gain more recognition and cultivate a larger audience


Contribute to developing

a healthy & vibrant culture


Earn rewards such as financing towards your next project or new equipment



"No poet, no artist of any art, has his complete meaning alone."

 T.S. Eliot

We recognize that no work of art exists by itself, as if it were in a vacuum. T.S. Eliot in his essay Tradition and the Individual Talent remarked that when a new work of art is created something happens simultaneously to all the works of art which preceded it. In Eliot's words, "...the relations, proportions, values of each work of art toward the whole are readjusted." TimeSink is like an electronic gallery for moving images. Sure, you can choose to present your film on a video hosting service with an individualized link, but this is similar to hanging up your painting in a randomized fashion outside in a public space. Who knows the type of work that will surround it. No matter how great your work may be, it's bound to get lost among the crowd due to the sheer quantity of other works. Galleries are able to legitimize and raise the perceived value of art works based upon their collection and curation standards. So rather than present your work alone, why not choose, without sacrificing your individual talent or integrity, to display your work on TimeSink.



In The ABC of Reading Ezra Pound wrote, "Language is the main means of human communication. If an animal's nervous system does not transmit sensations and stimuli, the animal atrophies...If a nation's literature declines, the nation atrophies and decays." We believe that this notion also applies directly to the cinema. In addition to economic factors, a society's health is largely dependent on what people see. Without the production of profound works in the cinema, we have no basis that connects our experiences, thoughts, memories, fears, anxieties, desires, and transgressions together. The production of great cinema tethers our minds to a collective mytho-sphere. The root of this tethered link is vital to the development of our relationships, creativity, and our social health.


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